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Pre-Owned Polycom ViewStation FX Sale:   $1,799
  • Free Tech Support, Install Support & Warranty
  • Includes Microphone, Remote, Power Supply & Cables
  • Multi-Point Bridge (MCU) & Communications Gateway Software Enabled
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Large Boardrooms like this one often have elaborate A/V (Audio/Video) systems.
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    ViewStation FX
    Price: $1,799
    Click for a larger picture of the FX

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  • Polycom ViewStation FX Multipoint Video Conferencing

    ViewStation FX Set-Top System

    The GeBX Polycom ViewStation FX package includes all necessary hardware components for H.323 IP videoconferencing over the Internet. The power supply, microphone, necessary cables, and remote are all included and all have been tested to function properly. The software has been updated completely and includes multipoint capability to bridge up to four locations into one meeting.

    ViewStation FX
    Pre-Owned: $1,799
    Click to see a larger picture of the Polycom ViewStation FX.
    FX Connectivity
    Click for a larger picture of the Polycom ViewStation FX from the rear.

      Components & Features
    • Tested ViewStation FX Base Hardware
    • Polycom ViewStation FX 6.05 Software
    • Multipoint Capability Enabled
    • Communication Speeds to 2Mbps
    • 30fps Video at 384k and Above
    • Multiple PT Z(Pan-Tilt-Zoom) Camera Control
    • VGA, TV, Plasma, LCD & Projector Display
    • Microphone Array
    • IR Remote
    • Power Supply
    • Cables Necessary for IP Video
    • Web-based Graphics & Slides Presentation
    • Technician Installation Support
    • 90 Day Warranty with Technical Support
    • GeBX No Remorse Upgrade Option©

    Polycom's famous audio quality is complimented with 60fps video over IP at speeds up to 2Mb on the FX. The options to add a second remotely controlled pan-tilt-zoom camera and additional cameras for documents or objects makes the FX a powerful tool for business negotiation, presentations, customer support, project collaboration, training, education, and other meetings where sharing information is critical to success. Its ability to simultaneously connect to multiple displays, such as a VGA monitor, TV, plasma, LCD, and projector, position it as the ultimate multi-purpose room solution.

    Included FX Components
    Click for a larger picture of included FX components.
    FX Cable Set for IP
    Click for a larger picture of the included ViewStation FX cables.

    GeBX No Risk Solution:
    Complete System, Professional Packaging, Install Support, Warranty with Technical Support, and GeBX No Remorse Upgrade Option.

    We also offer Polycom's currently available line of videoconference products. We would love for your company to purchase these cutting edge products from us. Today's economy has affected budgets and made us all very aware of the need to justify our technology investments. However, rigid investment justification processes are not new to successful businesses. This is why we created our no remorse policy.

    GeBX No Remorse Upgrade Option:
    If a GeBX customer purchases a pre-owned system and decides that they would prefer a newer or more advanced system; that customer may trade-in the system originally purchased from GeBX, at full purchase value, toward another GeBX provided system of an equal or greater value any time within the first 90 days.

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