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Polycom SoundStation Premier
  • Digital Display and Caller ID Capable
  • 3 Echo Cancellers, Noise Reduction & Microphone Gating
  • Includes 90 Day Warranty To Replace Failed Components
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Buy this new looking Polycom SoundStation Premier today!
Authorized Polycom Dealer Sales
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    Premier Satellite

    Polycom SoundStation Premier Satellite Without Wireless. Sale Price: $99
    Polycom Wireless

    Premier Satellite
    with Wireless Mic

    Polycom SoundStation Premier Satellite with Wireless Mic. Sale Price: $199
    Polycom Wireless
    Polycom Wireless
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    Polycom SoundStation Premier
    Works with Standard Business Lines, Home phones, and Analog PBX.

    $249 is our price for a pre-owned, top-of-the-line, Polycom SoundStation Premier speaker phone with the Analog Premier Wall Module and a remote for dialing and meeting management. GeBX is backing your purchase with a 90 day warranty. This is the Non-Expandable model so extended mics cannot be added.

    Buy this new looking Polycom SoundStation Premier today!
    Pre-Owned Premier Non-EX: $249

    We recommend the SoundStation Premier Non-Expandable phone for small to medium conference rooms up to 15' x 20'. We also recommend the Premier Non-Expandable to stock, bond, and commodity traders that require the most clear and noise free communications from a hands-free phone. The SoundStation Premier is the first choice with most top executives for the same reason: when no excuse for not being heard or hearing can be tolerated, the Premier is the right choice.

    The Polycom SoundStation Premier EX can be expanded with extended microphones. The GeBX price for the Premier EX, with a pair of Extended Microphones, remote, and wall module; is $349. The Polycom Premier has excellent sounding speakers and it provides great sound quality for those on the other side of the call too. It will isolate and reduce noise and echos in teleconference meetings and other speakerphone applications.

    Buy this nice looking Polycom SoundStation Premier today! Pre-Owned Premier EX w/Mics: $349

    Extra large meeting rooms may benefit from Polycom's SoundStation Premier Satellite. It replaces the wall module and becomes part of the Premier system at the end of a 25' cord. Additional mics can be added to it too or you may choose to add the extended mics to the Satellite and not use them on the base unit. The Satellite features a high-quality speaker. The Premier with a Satellite can cover a room as large as 2500 square foot under various configurations. The Satellite without additional mics will add just $99 on to your price. Add it to your shopping cart from our accessory section in the left margin. A special version of the Satellite includes a built-in recharging dock for a wireless lapel microphone. This is a great option for seminars and large presentations where there is a primary meeting leader that always must be heard clearly and who is mobile within the room.

    With sensitive high-performance speakers, SoundStation Premier® delivers crisp, clear sound that's twice as loud as Polycom's SoundStation. It's also twice as quiet. The SoundStation Premier's automatic microphone switching technology means that only the microphone nearest the person talking is on, limiting extraneous noise from around the room. Premier provides added Echo Cancelling capabilities by providing each of its (3) microphones with its own echo canceller.

    • Keypad eliminates the need for a separate phone
    • High fidelity neodymium speaker has the power to fill large rooms
    • Full-duplex performance
    • Echo cancellation delivers "handset quality" sound
    • Noise reduction and automatic gain control remove background noise
    • Integrated 16-character LCD display
    • Hypercardioid microphones perform up to 20db better than "speakerphones"
    We are an authorized Polycom conferencing system dealer.

    User-Friendly Touchpad

    Buy this new looking Polycom SoundStation Premier today!
    Buy this new looking Polycom SoundStation Premier today!

    This phone uses the Polycom SoundStation/Premier Wall Module for analog phones. Most phone systems can support analog lines for use with standards-based phones like the Polycom SoundStation Premier. Home phones use analog phone lines by default and are compatible. When a digital phone requires an adapter, GeBX can recommend and provide an appropriate adapter for a small additional charge.

    Bottom of base unit reveals Part No. & version.

    Version C supports the optional Premier Satellite!
    Buy this new looking Polycom SoundStation Premier today!

    Why delay when your business needs it today?


    Payment may be safely made online with MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, Discover and PayPal or call (847) 289-1100 to place your order with one of our friendly staff members. Purchase Orders are invoiced for pre-payment. We accept Checks and Bank Wire Transfer payments too.


    System is guaranteed for 2 business days after shipper delivers. 90 day warranty applies to systems shipped direct to end-user who will receive support direct from GeBX.


    We will ship as quickly as we can. If you have a specific delivery requirement, you should call us and request expedited service directly with us by phone at (847) 289-1100 (not by voice mail or email). We would like to and should be able to accommodate any special shipping needs. We ship USPS Priority Air (2-3 days), FedEX 2Day Air, or FedEx 3Day Air for shipments requiring more than 1 day for FedEx Ground to deliver. USPS Express, FedEx Priority. and UPS services are available but there may be additional charges. International shipping will be priced at time of sale. An invoice will be sent to the buyer for additional fees associated with International shipping and Special shipping service requests.


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